Building Browser Extensions At Scale

Over ten million people use the Grammarly Chrome extension. Our Firefox, Safari and Edge extensions are incredibly popular, too. These extensions may look easy on the outside because they are low profile and easy to use. But it is actually a complex product supported by a full team of engineers. We have been developing and perfecting it for 6 years. Along the way we have learned a thing or two that we’d like to share. This article is intended to be an overview of our learnings and best practices on a broad range of topics. Feel free to skip the topics that aren’t relevant for you!
2018/01/03 10:22 2018/01/03 10:22
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A fast and robust image library for Go built on libvips

This package wraps the core functionality of libvips image processing library by exposing all image operations on first-class types in Go. Additionally, it exposes raw access to call operations directly, for forward compatibility.

How fast is libvips? See this: Speed and Memory Use

This library was inspired primarily based on the C++ wrapper in libvips.

The intent for this is to enable developers to build extremely fast image processors in Go, which is suited well for concurrent requests.

Libvips is generally 4-8x faster than other graphics processors such as GraphicsMagick and ImageMagick.
2018/01/03 09:42 2018/01/03 09:42
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Concurrency in golang and a mini Load-balancer


Concurrency is a domain I have wanted to explore for a long time because the locks and the race conditions have always intimidated me. I recall somebody suggesting concurrency patterns in golang because they said "you share the data and not the variables".

Amused by that, I searched for "concurrency in golang" and bumped into this awesome slide by Rob Pike: which does a great job of explaining channels, concurrency patterns and a mini-architecture of load-balancer (also explains the above one-liner).

2017/12/30 09:46 2017/12/30 09:46
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GIFEE is "Google's infrastructure for everyone else"

What does it mean?

Who knows really. Google things for everyone?

What is GitHub/GIFEE?

GitHub/GIFEE is a place to experiment with ideas based on Google's infrastructure and for reference architectures.

2017/12/30 09:29 2017/12/30 09:29
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분류없음  2017/12/30 09:27
objgraph is a module that lets you visually explore Python object graphs.
2017/12/30 09:27 2017/12/30 09:27
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