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Introduction to XDP

XDP or eXpress Data Path provides a high performance, programmable network data path in the Linux kernel as part of the IO Visor Project. XDP provides bare metal packet processing at the lowest point in the software stack which makes it ideal for speed without compromising programmability. Furthermore, new functions can be implemented dynamically with the integrated fast path without kernel modification. Other key benefits of XDP includes the following:

  • It does not require any specialized hardware
  • It does not required kernel bypass
  • It does not replace the TCP/IP stack
  • It works in concert with TCP/IP stack along with all the benefits of BPF

XDP Packet Processing Overview

The XDP packet process includes an in kernel component that processes RX packet-pages directly out of driver via a functional interface without early allocation of skbuff’s or software queues. Normally, one CPU is assigned to each RX queue but in this model, there is no locking RX queue, and CPU can be dedicated to busy poll or interrupt model. BPF programs performs processing such as packet parsing, table look ups, creating/managing stateful filters, encap/decap packets, etc.

XDP Packet Processing

The extensibility of BPF is kept intact with packet inspection and manipulation functions, flow and table lookups, and application processing leveraging BPF programs which are portable to userspace and other operating systems.

2017/12/30 09:08 2017/12/30 09:08
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Latency Numbers Every Programmer Should Know

세대별로 Computer I/O latency 의 변화를 알 수 있게 만든 페이지. 멋짐.
2017/12/29 21:39 2017/12/29 21:39
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High-level depiction of Hyrise2's architecture

The figure depicts the high-level architecture of Hyrise. With Hyrise2 we introduce a chunk-based storage concept. Chunks are horizontal partitions of a certain capacity. When the capacity of a chunk is reached, the storage engine will apply dictionary encoding to reduce the memory footprint. The main motivation behind the chunk concept is increased flexibility for data distribution. We envision chunks as a natural entity for distributing data, e.g., in NUMA and replication scenarios, and for offloading data to GPU accelerators. The chunk concept supports different internal data layouts. At the current stage, we have implemented a column store. By implementing different types of chunks, we will also be able to add support for row stores and hybrid data layouts. Hyrise keeps the complete data set in main memory. Persistent storage is utilized to guarantee durability.
2017/12/29 21:12 2017/12/29 21:12
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Envoy is hosted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). If you are a company that wants to help shape the evolution of technologies that are container-packaged, dynamically-scheduled and microservices-oriented, consider joining the CNCF. For details about who's involved and how Envoy plays a role, read the CNCF announcement.
2017/12/28 05:06 2017/12/28 05:06
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2017/12/28 05:01 2017/12/28 05:01
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